Student Posters

A Hybrid Approach to Secure Function Evaluation using SGX

Joseph Choi, Dave Tian, Grant Hernandez, Christopher Patton, Benjamin Mood, Thomas Shrimpton, Kevin Butler, Patrick Traynor, Debayan Gupta

A Layout-driven Framework to Assess Vulnerability of ICs to Microprobing Attacks

Qihang Shi, Navid Asadizanjani, Huanyu Wang, Domenic Forte, Mark Tehranipoor

A Moving Target Defense and Network Forensics Framework for ISP Networks using SDN and NFV

Abdullah Aydeger, Kemal Akkaya

A Secure ECU Design for Automotives

Ali Shuja Siddiqui, Jim Plusquellic, Fareena Saqib

A Survey of High Level Synthesis Techniques for Hardware Trojan Detection

Sheikh Ariful Islam, Md Adnan Zaman, Love Sah, Rajeev Joshi

A System-Level Framework to Detect Compromised Smart Grid Devices

Leonardo Babun, Selcuk Uluagac

Age-Related Vulnerabilities to Social-Engineering Attacks

Donovan Ellis

An All Digital PUF for AMS applications using stochastic comparator voltage offset

Troy Bryant, Sreeja Chowdhury, Domenic Forte, Mark Tehranipoor, Nima Maghari

Application of a Wearable Carotid Ultrasound Assembly for Security and Health Care

Sumaiya Shomaji, Abhishek basak, Robert Karam, Soumyajit Mandal, Robert Karam, Swarup Bhunia

Attribute & Network Coding-based Secure Multicast Protocol for Firmware Updates in Smart Grid AMI Networks

Samet Tonyali, Kemal Akkaya

AuthentiCall: Efficient Identity and Content Authentication for Phone Calls

Bradley Reaves, Logan Blue, Hadi Abdullah, Luis Vargas, Patrick Traynor, Thomas Shrimpton

AVFSM: A Framework for Identifying and Mitigating Vulnerabilities in FSMs

Adib Nahiyan, Kan Xiao, Kun Yang, Yier Jin, Domenic Forte, Mark Tehranipoor

Bear: A Framework for Understanding Application Sensitivity to OS (Mis)Behavior

Ruimin Sun, Andrew Lee, Aokun Chen, Donald Porter, Matt Bishop, Daniela Oliveira

Bridging the Cloud Trust Gap: Using ORCON Policy to Manage Consumer Trust Between Different Clouds

Stephen Kirkman, Richard Newman

Broadband Quantitative Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance (NQR) Analysis of Medicines and Nutritional Supplements

Fengchao Zhang, Naren Vikram Raj Masna, Cheng Chen, Soumyajit Mandal, Swarup Bhunia

Characterizing and Classifying TLS Configuration and Traffic

Pankaj Chand, Kevin Butler and Patrick Traynor

Cross-Layer Personalization as a Frist-Class Citizen for Situation Awareness and Computer Infrastructure Security

Aokun Chen, Pratik Brahama, Jiade Li, Dapeng Oliver Wu, Natalie Ebner, Brandon Matthews, Jedidah Crandall, Xuetao Wei, Michalis Faloutsos, Daniela Oliveira

CryptoLock (and Drop It): Stopping Ransomware Attacks on User Data

Nolen Scaife, Henry Carter, Patrick Traynor, Kevin Butler

Custom Toolflow for FPGA Bitstream Obfuscation

Robert Karam, Tamzidul Hoque, Swarup Bhunia

DeepMalware: Deep Models and Mechanisms for Malware Detection and Defense

Xiaoyong Yuan, Ruimin Sun, Pan He, Qile Zhue, Aokun Chen, Daniela Oliveira, Xiaolin Andy Li

Delaying Adversarial Access to Data with Mandatory Retention Requirements using Dragchute Cryptography

Luis Vargas, Gyan Hazarika, Rachel Culpepper, Kevin Butler, Thomas Shrimpton, Doug Szajda, Patrick Traynor

Deployable Public-Key Cryptography Hedged Against Poor Randomness

Alexandra Boldyreva, Christopher Patton, Thomas Shrimpton

Distribution-Sensitive Format-Transforming Encryption

Scott Coull, Logan Blue, Thomas Shrimpton, Nolen Scaife, Patrick Traynor

Efficient Implementation of Quantum-Resistant Supersingular Isogeny-based Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange on ARM platforms

Amir Jalali, Prof. Azarderakhsh

FFD: A Framework for Fake Flash Detection.

Zimu Guo, Md Tauhidur Rahman, Domenic Forte,Mark Tehranipoor

FirmUSB: Vetting USB Device Firmware using Domain Informed Symbolic Execution

Grant Hernandez, Farhan Fowze, Dave Tian, Chelsea Metcalf, Tuba Yavuz, Kevin Butler

Hardware Based Secure CAN Bus Communication

Ali Shuja Siddiqui, Jim Plusquellic and Fareena Saqib

Hardware Hacking Security Education Experimentation Platform (HaHa SEP)

Jason Vosatka, Shuo Yang, Swarup Bhunia, Domenic Forte, Mark Tehranipoor

Helmet: Deep Neural Network Protection Against Adversarial Attacks

Tao Liu, Bo Hu, Zihao Liu, Wujie Wen and Yier Jin

Leveraging Circuit Edit for Logic Obfuscation and Trusted Fabrication

Bicky Shakya, Navid Asadi, Domenic Forte, Mark Tehranipoor

Lightweight Countermeasures for Securing ICs Against Power Analysis Attacks

Weize Yu, Selçuk Köse

MERS: Statistical Test Generation for Side-Channel Analysis based Trojan Detection

Yuanwen Huang, Prabhat Mishra

Mobile Biometrics

Tempestt Neal, Damon Woodard

Near Field EM for Foundry of Origin Identification

Andrew Stern, Haoting Shen, Xiaolin Xu, Domenic Forte, Mark Tehranipoor

Non-destructive PCB Reverse Engineering Using X-ray Tomography

Navid A

Recycled FPGA detection using exhaustive LUT path delay characterization

Mahbub Alam ,  Mark Tehranipoor,  Domenic Forte

Regulators, Mount Up?Analysis of Privacy Policies in the Emrerging Digital Financial Services Ecosystem

Jasmine Bowers, Bradley Reaves, Imani N. Sherman, Patrick Traynor, Kevin Butler

Secure split-test for Preventing Distribution of Unlicensed and Rejected ICs by Untrusted Foundry and Assembly

Md Tauhidur Rahman, Gustavo Contreras Munoz, Domenic Forte, Mark Tehranipoor

Security-aware FSM Design Flow for Mitigating Vulnerabilities to Fault Injection Attacks

A. Nahiyan, F. Farahmandi, D. Forte, P. Mishra, M. Tehranipoor

Spatial and Temporal Self-Referencing for Golden Free Hardware Trojan Detection under Process Noise

Tamzidul Hoque, Shuo Yang, Swarup Bhunia

SPOILD: Side-channel POwer-based Instruction-Level Disassembler

Fahim Rahman, Jungmin Park, Xiaolin Xu, Domenic Forte and Mark Tehranipoor

SRAM-based HW Security Primitives

Md Tauhidur Rahman, Zimu Guo, Jackson Caroll, Domenic Forte, Mark Tehranipoor

Strategy Without Tactics: Policy-Agnostic Hardware-Enhanced Control-Flow Integrity

Dean Sullivan, Orlando Arias, and Yier Jin

The Dose Makes the Poison – Uncertainty at the OS-level as Malware Contingency Plan

Ruimin Sun, Andrew Lee, Rahul Bobhate, Donald Porter, Matt Bishop, Daniela Oliveira

Trace Buffer Attack on the AES Cipher

Yuanwen Huang, Yangdi Lyu, Subodha Charles, Prabhat Mishra

Track & Extract: Information flow tracking for security vulnerability analysis and exploit extraction

Gustavo K. Contreras, Adib Nahiyan, Domenic Forte, Mark Tehranipoor

Trust-Hub – The Touchstone for Trojan Benchmarks and Tools

Rahul Vittal, Jungmin Park, Miao (Tony) He, Mehdi Sadi, Domenic Forte, Mark Tehranipoor

UCR: An Unclonable Environmentally-Sensitive Chipless RFID Tag

Kun Yang, Haoting Shen, Domenic Forte, Mark Tehranipoor