Academic Outreach

Academic Outreach

FICS Research is developing relationships with other academic institutions as well as local Elementary, Middle and High Schools.

Sarasota County High School’s Visit FICS Research

North Point High School & Venice High School

The University of Florida FICS Research welcomed North Point High School and Venice High School on Wednesday March 21st to explore the state-of-the-art FICS Research laboratory.  Students had the opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of the state of the art equipment and the various research and studies conducted in the ScAN laboratory.  Check out some fun footage of this day by clicking HERE.

Booker High School Takeover

Participating University of Florida Innovation Station High School

Sarasota, FL Booker High School students joined FICS students and faculty in exploring innovative research and cutting-edge technology. Booker High School is one of the target schools of the UF Innovation Station Sarasota County. The UF Innovation Station was established to assist in the development of engineering prospects. The workforce development coordinators Patti Harris and Julee Breehne are helping to introduce students to the field of engineering and motivate them to learn more about the opportunities available at the University of Florida.