Student Demos

A System-Level Framework to Detect Compromised Smart Grid Devices

Leo Babun

AESKey Extraction through Side-Channel Analysis and Hardware Trojan Insertion

Andrew Stern, Jungmin Park

An All Digital PUF for AMS applications using stochastic comparator voltage offset

Sreeja Chowdhury

AuthentiCall: Efficient Identity and Content Authentication for Phone Calls

Hadi Abdullah

Broadband Quantitative Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance (NQR) Analysis of Medicines and Nutritional Supplements

Naren Vikram Raj masna, Fengchao Zhang

Custom Toolflow for FPGA Bitstream Obfuscation

Tamzidul Hoque, Robert Karam

FFD: A Framework for Fake Flash Detection

Zimu Guo

FICS KIT – A Combinational Logic Obfuscation Tool

Sarah Amir

Hardware Hacking Security Education Experimentation Platform (HaHa SEP)

Jason Vosatka, Shuo Yang

Spatial and Temporal Self-Referencing for Golden Free Hardware Trojan Detection under Process Noise

Tamzidul Hoque, Shuo Yang

Quantum-resistant Diffie-Hellamn Key Exchange on Nexus 6P smartphone

Amir Jalali

SPOILD: Side-channel POwer-based Instruction-Level Disassembler

Fahim Rahman, Jungmin Park

UCR: An Unclonable Environmentally-Sensitive Chipless RFID Tag

Kun Yang