The Journal of Hardware and Systems Security (HaSS) Makes it Debut

FICS Research Education Director, Prof. Swarup Bhunia, and Co-director, Prof. Mark Tehranipoor, are the founders of the new serial publication Journal of Hardware and Systems Security.  The HaSS journal debuted as the first dedicated journal on hardware and system security.  It features key articles in the vastly developing field of hardware and system security.  Other specified topics include application domains, abstraction levels of hardware and the hardware and firmware software as it relates to system security and trust.

Distinctive contributions to the inaugural issue include “Fault Tolerant Infective Countermeasure for AES”, by S. Patranabis et al,   “Trace Buffer Attack on the AES Cipher”, by Y. Huang et al and “Benchmarking of Hardware Trojans and Maliciously Affected Circuits”, B. Shakya et al.  Researchers and practitioners from industry and academia are encouraged to submit their original work.

Please follow this link to submit your original articles on topics related to hardware and systems security.

The HaSS journal is comprised of dedicated literature, dialogue and cognizance of hardware security and assurance to the forefront of the hardware and system security community.

The HaSS journal is now available via online through the Springer International Publishing website  The journal is scheduled to be published quarterly.