Sumaiya Shomaji wins Best Poster!

Sumaiya Shomaji University of Florida FICS Research Ph.D. candidate recently received the best poster award at 2017 WiSE (Workshop for Women in Hardware and Systems Security) conference.  The WiSE conference honors women of distinction in the engineering field.  The conference assembles a multitude of pre-college, undergraduate and graduate students together for educational and professional enrichment.

Sumaiya’s poster titled Poster Title: A Wearable Carotid Ultrasound Assembly for Health Care and Biometric Security, illustrates a pioneering way to detect cardiovascular diseases. Her poster demonstrates the possibility of building a novel wearable ultrasonic imaging assembly for routine, easy to use, and economical monitoring of the carotid arteries.  The device will monitor intima-media thickness (IMT), which is a proven clinically useful marker for diagnosis of cardiovascular disease and prediction of imminent cardiovascular events.

This is the first time I attended HOST and I enjoyed every bit of it. Getting the award made my participation even more memorable. I am thankful to my advisers Dr. Domenic Forte, Dr. Swarup Bhunia and my co-authors for their constant help and support.” Exclaims Sumiya.  Her future works include building the prototype and making it applicable for some other health monitoring application and bio-metric authentication.  As the recipient of this tremendous award Sumaiya Shomaji is paving the way for this ground-breaking bio-metric advancement.