Prof. Domenic Forte Receives CAREER Grant

Dr. Domenic Forte, FICS Research faculty and Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) is the recipient of the CAREER  Grant or The Faculty Early Career Development Program for his for efforts in “Transformative Approaches for Hardware Obfuscation Protection, Attacks, and Assessment.”  This prestigious grant, which is awarded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), supports junior faculty that are exemplary in the role of teacher-scholar.  The program’s core focus is the development of the academic careers of junior faculty in conjunction with the effective integration of research and education.

Dr. Forte’s project for the grant will target fortifying electronic computing forms and cyber infrastructure from untrusted parties.  The project concentrates on how hardware obfuscation , or the transformation of circuit design, will help to eliminate breaches that can be triggered through reverse engineering and or by obtaining unrestricted use without significant effort. In addition to the further exploration of hardware obfuscation there will be substantial outreach efforts dedicated to the scientific community, to include sharing the  first publicly available benchmarks, conducting global online competitions, developing new course materials, as well as projects and book.  With the help of this grant, Dr. Forte hopes to achieve the effective integration of learning, teaching and discovery.