April 2024

April 2024



FICS Associate Director Dr. Farimah Farahmandi has received an NSF CAREER award in support of her project “SAIF: Security Assurance through AI and Formal Approaches for System-on-Chips.” The project seeks to enhance the safety and security of microelectronics by creating an innovative AI-assisted security verification framework for modern complex system-on-chip (SoC) devices.

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Dr. Eakta Jain was recently selected as a Senior Member of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM). 
The ACM recognizes members with technical leadership and at least ten years of professional experience.
Dr. Jain’s research focuses on human-centered computing, and graphics and visualization. “I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to the department for their support, especially to the senior faculty on the awards committee for their encouragement and feedback, and to my colleagues who shared their materials and their experiences,” Dr. Jain said. 

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Dr. Christopher Petersen and Dr. Tori Miller have partnered  to launch the Space Mission Institute, an interdisciplinary hub for space research. The goal is to imagine the future of space exploration, where self-guided satellites repair and upgrade one another and where we can build structures in space far too big to launch from Earth.  Dr. Petersen researches lightweight, computationally aware algorithms that accomplish mission goals with minimal resources. Some missions need satellites to act every couple seconds; other satellites may only need to act every few hours “There is a wide spectrum of people here who are interested in space technologies but do not have a good way to start.  We need to leverage those who are not traditionally in space to promote innovation,” Petersen said.

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Student Spotlight

Zhixin Pan

Dr. Zhixin Pan, under the guidance of Dr. Prabhat Mishra received the prestigious EDAA Outstanding Dissertation Award from the European Design Automation Association in Valencia, Spain last week.






FICS students were able to showcase their research for the PRISM Center during a recent visit from the National Science Foundation. 
Featured here are Carson Stillman(Left) and Kevin Childs(Right) respectively.


Save the Date!

The First FICS Research Summit on Cybersecurity for Small Business will be held on October 4th in the brand new Malachowsky Hall. 
More information to follow.