Booker High School Takeover!

October 11th 2017 will be a day to be remembered at FICS Institute.  Sarasota, FL Booker High School students joined FICS students and faculty in exploring innovative research and cutting-edge technology. Booker High School is one of the target schools of the UF Innovation Station Sarasota County.  The UF Innovation Station was established to assist in the development of engineering prospects. The workforce development coordinators Patti Harris and Julee Breehne are helping to introduce students to the field of engineering and motivate them to learn more about the opportunities available at the University of Florida.

Booker High School students and staff were greeted by FICS Research Institutes co-directors Dr. Patrick Traynor and Dr. Mark Tehranipoor.  FICS Research students and faculty gave an exclusive SCAN laboratory tour and set up demo stations to educate and expose students to pioneering research and new cutting edge technology. The culmination of hands on experience and educating these students about the academic programs and progressive technologies within the SCAN laboratory coupled with their already existing STEM programs will unquestionably spawn the next generation of innovative minds in engineering.