Counterfeit Integrated Circuits Book, Prof. M. Tehranipoor, U. Guin, Prof. D. Forte

This timely and exhaustive study offers a much-needed examination of the scope and consequences of the electronic counterfeit trade. The authors describe a variety of shortcomings and vulnerabilities in the electronic component supply chain, which can result in counterfeit integrated circuits (ICs). Not only does this book provide an assessment of the current counterfeiting problems facing both the public and private sectors, it also offers practical, real-world solutions for combating this substantial threat.

    This book will:

  • Helps beginners and practitioners in the field by providing a comprehensive background on the counterfeiting problem.
  • Presents innovative taxonomies for counterfeit types, test methods, and counterfeit defects, which allows for a detailed analysis of counterfeiting and its mitigation
  • Provides step-by-step solutions for detecting different types of counterfeit ICs.
  • Offers pragmatic and practice-oriented, realistic solutions to counterfeit IC detection and avoidance, for industry and government.

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