FICS Research Student Spotlight: Ashley Tramble

Ashley Tramble is a current FICS Research student who works at Honeywell FM&T. We asked her the following questions about her career path and how FICS Research assists in her career.  

What is your current job?

I am currently a Technical Fellow at the Kansas City National Security Campus managed and operated by Honeywell FM&T. KCNSC primarily works to provide 85% of the non-nuclear components that go into the nuclear stockpile. We also work to develop advance solution for complex national security issues, from prototype simulations to production to quality testing. I worked as a Multi-Project Wafer Run Manager for 3.5 years before coming to the University of Florida. I supported the development of prototype designs from universities and companies by making sure each design is complaint to Foundry standards for fabrication. 

How did FICS Research help you in your current job?

FICS Research gave me resources to dive deeper into microelectronics. I started with the desire to learn how to fabricate ICs, but since then my interests have grown. Also, I have been able to become familiar with trending topics in electrical and computer engineering. More importantly, FICS Research is where I am working on my degree. Classes and research are equipping me with the tools I will need when I return to KCNSC productive to the national security mission.

What is your favorite thing about your current job?

My favorite thing about my current position is this position was created for employee that want to pursue higher education. KCNSC has a programmed called the Technical Fellowship. If chosen, the employee can go back to school to obtain a masters or doctorate degree completely paid for. Tuition, books, moving cost, and salary are all provided while you finish your degree. This program offers an amazing opportunity to expand your knowledge in whichever field you choose. After you finish school, you return to work and begin using those acquired skills in whichever department is the right fit for you. 

 What is your dream job?

 I don’t know yet. Since starting with FICS Research, I’ve found further interest in microelectronics and new interest in hardware security. FICS Research gives me a well-rounded exposure to the many career paths available within ECE. Along with individual projects there is consistent knowledge building through webinars, student and faculty presentations, poster presentations, and conferences. Hopefully I will find out soon.