FICS Research Student Spotlight: Sreeja Chowdhury

Sreeja Chowdhury was a FICS Research student who now works at Ansys San Jose. We asked her the following questions about her career path and what she will miss most about FICS Research.

Can you tell us more about your current job?

I have recently joined as an Applications Engineer in Ansys San Jose. Ansys specializes in power analysis, EM analysis, side channel analysis tools. As an applications engineer, my job is to expedite tool development and support to customers (mainly semiconductor companies) and lead them to full-chip power signoff for their IPs. The role involves a varied range of physical design, debug and analysis specifically for security IPs.

What do you miss most about FICS Research?

I will miss working with the Professors and peers at FICS. I will miss being in the FiCS scan lab and brainstorming. Work will always stay with me in future. Only the people I work with will change from time to time. I will miss my amazing lab mates and Professors with whom I worked at FICS.

What is your favorite thing about your new job?

 I have started working on the Redhawk-SC platform for Ansys which is a signature tool for ansys power, EM simulation and sign off for Digital IPs. The favorite part is working on an industrial scale tool and understanding the concepts related to it.