Information Security Certificate

Information Security Certificate

Certificate Description

This certificate will prepare students for a career in information security. Twelve credits compose this certificate: two graduate courses in information security are required, along with two elective graduate security courses. Required courses give a solid foundation in computer and network security, and cryptography basics. Advanced courses build on this foundation and focus on specific areas. A successful student will be prepared to obtain certifications and enter the profession. 

Requirements for Admission

(For degree-seeking students only)

Admission requires a bachelors degree in computer science or computer engineering or approval by CISE department. The program is open to current UF graduate students as well as non-degree-seeking students.

Requirements for Completion

Required courses – (6 credits):
1. CIS 5370 Computer and Information Security (3) – letter grade
2. CNT5410 Computer and Network Security (3) – letter grade
Two additional courses must be selected from the following:
1. CIS 5372 Introduction to Cryptology (3) – letter grade
2. CIS 5xxx Penetration Testing — Ethical Hacking (3) – letter grade
3. CAP 6137 Malware Reverse Engineering (3) – letter grade
4. CIS 6xxx Special Topics in Cybersecurity (3) – letter grade
Students must complete all four courses with a grade of B or better to earn a certificate.

To review course descriptions and syllabi for these courses, please visit our Cybersecurity Courses page.

*For CISE Students:  The courses may also apply toward continuing education credits to maintain your CISSP.

More information and links to start your application may be found at

Please contact Dr. Kevin Butler,  , with questions about this certificate program.