Hardware Assurance Survey Results

FICS Research at the University of Florida in collaboration with researchers from the Ohio State University ran a Hardware Assurance Survey aimed at identifying key areas of interest for future research, development, and collaborations between Government, Industry, and Academia. 

The results are interesting, and if you would like to view more, click on the link below to view our full results of the survey. 

  • We had a total of 176 participants ranging from Government and DIB to Industry and Education leaders. 
  • SoC vulnerability assessment against info leakage, Trojan, side-channel leakage, fault injection, and more is rated as the highest priority in the topic of Hardware Security and Trust.
  • Open-source CAD tools for security verification is rated the lowest priority in the topic of CAD for Assurance. 
  • Industry leaders chose System-level risk and vulnerability analysis, Risk analysis considering hardware-software issues as the highest priority under the topic of Hardware Security and Trust.

       Click to download and view results of the survey