T-PAINE On-Boarding

T-PAINE students will have the opportunity to learn instruments and machines including; Bruker Skyscan 2211 X ray Micro CT, TESCAN FERA and LYRA SEM FIB systems, ZEISS ORION Nanofab, Cascade Summit micro probe station, HAMAMATSU Phemos 1000. 

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Welcome to T-PAINE!

Below are the steps necessary to complete your on-boarding process. Please read carefully through this page and have all of the components completed on the form below as soon as possible. You will be required to print, sign and upload the attached PDF’s to the on-boarding form at the bottom of the page.
If you would like to get course credit, through a research independent study, please check with your University guidelines and then contact Amanda Moscrip (amosc989@ufl.edu).

1. Forms

The following forms will need to be filled out and submitted to google forms:

2. Stipend Payment Authorization

The Supplier Relations Office within Disbursement Services will be providing an updated method to complete this information electronically. We will update this information as soon as it becomes available. 

3. Emergency Contact Information

Please submit the name, relationship to you, and phone number of a person we may contact in case of an emergency in the google form. 

4. Insurance Information

Please submit a copy of your health insurance card. If you do not have insurance, please inform us as soon as possible and we will work with the Student Health Center for the duration of the T-PAINE program. You can learn more about available resources and the counseling center here

5. Housing

Please read and sign the UF T-PAINE Housing Contract

Frequently Asked Questions: 
What should I bring with me?
We suggest bringing linens (sheets and towels), pillows, toiletries, shower sandals, cleaning supplies, dish and hand soup, umbrella, cooking and dining utensils, laptop, headphones, medicine, and first aid kit. 

Can I have packages delivered to the dorms? 
No, UF housing does not accept any packages for its summer residents. 

Are there laundry facilities in the dorms?
Yes, all machines accept credit cards and coins. 

Is cable and wifi available at the dorms? 
Yes, cable boxes are pre-installed in the dorms. Wireless internet is also provided in the dorms. Your gatorlink username and password must be used to access the wifi. 

If I’m driving to campus where do I  park? 
Please let Patti (patti@ece.ufl.edu) know if you plan on bringing your car to campus. She will have a student parking pass purchased for you. 

6. Gator 1 Card

After the T-PAINE welcome, we will bring you over to Gator 1 Central to get your free Gator 1 Card. This card serves as identification and gives you access to many things are campus. Your Gator 1 card gets you free RTS public transportation. RTS offers multiple bus routes on campus with service to every area of the University, as well as routes through the City of Gainesville. 

T-PAINE On-Boarding Submission

 Click here for the google submission form to submit your contracts and contact information.

Submission Form