New Course: EEL 5934: Automotive Safety and Security

University of Florida Endowed IoT Term Professor Sandip Ray will be teaching a new innovative course on Automotive Safety and Security. In this course, students will study architectures of current and emergent automotive systems, and get a sense of the trend as we move towards increasingly connected autonomous vehicles. The course will bring together concepts from diverse areas of Computer Science and Computer Engineering, including Computer Architecture, Hardware and System Security, Real-time Systems, Machine Learning, Formal Methods, Embedded System Design, and Computer Networks.  Students will gain an understanding of the cooperation, conflicts, and trade-offs among these largely disparate areas, and how to account for the design of realistic, safety-critical applications. Additionally, students will get the opportunity to have hands-on experience in the design and analysis of several aspects of robust, autonomous, automotive systems.

We are on the verge of the so-called 4th Industrial Revolution, ushering in a world where all things, humans, processes and data continuously communicate with one another enabling them to respond smartly to their environment.  Autonomous, connected vehicles constitute one of the most crucial and most complex components of this connected ecosystem.  Electronics and software play the central role in realizing the functionality and security needs for autonomous cars.   This course will explore the role of automotive systems in the context of connectivity and analyze some key challenges in making these systems robust, i.e., safe, secure, and reliable, in this context. The class will convene at the University of Florida on Tuesdays at 3:00-4:55 pm and Thursdays at 4:05-4: 55 pm in building CSE E107.

Please click here to review the tentative Syllabus: