2nd Annual IEEE HOST WISE Workshop

The 2nd HOST co-located workshop for Women in Hardware and Systems Security (WISE) took place May 3rd, 2018 in McLean, VA. The purpose of this workshop is to attract more women to join the field of hardware and systems security (HSS) and provide a forum for the women in HSS to support each other. The University of Florida FICS faculty and students were involved in many aspects of this workshop. University of Florida Professor Dr. Swarup Bhunia is the General Co-Chair of this workshop, UF student Angela Newsome won first place WISE 2018 Best Poster Award for her poster entitled “Multi-Mode Micromechanical Resonant Tags for Traceability and Authentication Applications.” Additionally UF student Sreeja Chowhurdy won second place WISE 2018 Best Poster Award for her poster entitled “Recycled AMS counterfeit IC detection using LDO Aging degradation.”

The workshop also featured distinguished keynote speakers such as Stacey Dixon, Deputy Director, Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), Sandip Kundu, Program Director, National Science Foundation, Edna Conway, Chief Security Officer, Cisco, and Visionary Speaker Hai (Helen) Li, Associate Professor, Duke University. Considering the number of women entering the engineering profession is decreasing annually, it is critical to understand and encourage the young female students to choose engineering profession and participate in research activities.