FICS Conference Poster & Demo Winners

Students specializing in cybersecurity related research from across the state of Florida took part in the 2018 Annual Conference on Cybersecurity on February 28th and March 1st of 2018. Students shared their innovative solutions pertaining to cybersecurity on a variety of specialty areas from network to software and hardware security. The 2018 FICS Conference on Cybersecurity poster winners displayed various ground-breaking research, University of Florida Ph.D. student Logan Blue presented his research on voice controlled devices. “We developed 2MA not as a one size fits all system, but as a generalized framework. In our paper we talk a significant amount about our embodiment of 2MA in the context of voice assistants. However, we hope that others will go on to use the framework we outline to build applications for other specific contexts.” Second-year University of Florida Ph.D. student Xiaoyong Yuan proposal of AdVoice, to generate large sets of adversarial voice commands to fool automatic speech recognition systems in the physical world received the recognition of best poster as well.

The proposed project on FIB-aware anti-probing physical design flow to reduce the vulnerability of designs to probing attacks led by University of Florida Ph.D student Huanyu Wang received praise during this year’s conference. Florida International University Ph.D student Leonardo Babun received high accolades for his poster entitled SaINT: Sensitive Information Tracking for IoT Apps. His research explores a static taint analysis tool for IoT apps which translation of platform-specific IoT source code into an intermediate representation (IR), (b) identifying sensitive sources and sinks, and (c) performing static analysis to identify sensitive data flows. Additional poster and demo winners include Enes Erdin, Ulberto Botero, Kaveh Shamsi, Atul Prasad Deb Nath, Muhammad Sajidur Rahman, Shuo Yang and Andrew Stern. The pioneering research presented by each best poster winner displayed significant importance for the advancement of the cybersecurity and will unquestionably be at the forefront of innovative cybersecurity research and development.  Click here for detailed poster & demo winners information.