Dr. Kevin Butler HWCOE Award Recipient

FICS Research Associate Professor Department of Computer and Information Science and Engineering Dr. Kevin Butler received the 2017 Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering International Educator of the Year Award. This past year, Dr. Butler gave talks around the world about security in the emerging area of digital financial services, which have been growing particularly in the developing world. Dr. Butler was Vice-Chairman and led the security work-stream of the International Telecommunication Union’s Focus Group on Digital Financial Services. The group released a report early this year on recommendations for security, this important ecosystem, which was read by telecommunications regulators, providers, and central bankers on every continent.  As the recipient of NSF Career Award 2013-2018, Vice-Chair of IEEE SP2016 and UF Rising to National Preeminence Hire, Dr. Butler gracefully accepts this new accolade.

Dr. Butler’s attributes a great portion to his success to his relationship with his graduate advisor, he is grateful to have had the opportunity to witness his graduate advisor Dr. Patrick McDaniel build his lab, support & encourage his students as being the greatest influence in his choice of pursuing a career in academia.

This distinguished award exhibits Dr. Butler’s notable talent and exceptional assiduousness within his field. This prolific leader offers this advice to students “The best thing I think you can do is take advantage of the resources around you. Your fellow students have a lot to offer, they are really smart people and if you can find anyone who is generous with their time who is willing to listen to you talk about what you’re doing and offer advice you may find that it’s a great way in moving forward.”