Groundbreaking New Cybersecurity Course

Dr. Swarup Bhunia Preeminence Professor, Steven Yatauro Faculty Fellow in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering FICS Research Institute at the University of Florida has established an imperative new course entitled “Cybersecurity Case Studies.” This is an upper-level undergraduate and graduate-level course that intends to help students analyze real cyber-attacks of diverse nature over a duration of time.  Students will also examine their impact on social and economic aspects, learn the history of cyber-attacks, understand how vulnerability across different layers of complex computing and communication systems spanning hardware, software, network layer leads to these attacks, reason diplomatically about cyber-attacks and be able to distinguish between noisy attacks and serious ones and to analyze how secure systems can be developed based on a holistic understanding of vulnerabilities.

These topics will be covered through a set of lectures, student presentations and a final project. The course will be rich in literature survey, reading and group discussions. Course pre-requisites include EEL4930/EEL5934: Intro to Hardware Security and Trust and EEL 4598: Computer Communications (or equivalent). Cybersecurity is a national security as well as a critical infrastructure protection issue. The need for qualified and perpetually innovative people will only grow. Cybersecurity professionals who have strong communication, analytical, and leadership skills will continue to be in high demand. This course will be offered exclusively at the University of Florida during the Spring 2018 academic term.