New SeCurity and AssuraNce (SCAN) Lab Now Operational

The Florida Institute for Cybersecurity (FICS) Research is pleased to announce the opening of the SeCurity and AssuraNce (SCAN) Lab, a 2,500 square foot security research laboratory housing over $7M in advanced scientific equipment (see our Facilities pages). The SCAN lab is made possible in part by a partnership between University of Florida and TESCAN as well as generous gifts from Tektronix, Intel, and Zeiss. While FICS Research operates under the leadership of co-directors Mark Tehranipoor and Patrick Traynor, the new SCAN lab will be led by director Domenic Forte and assistant director Navid Asadi.

The mission of the SCAN lab is to conduct world-leading research in security and assurance of electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, health, etc. To this end, the SCAN lab includes the newest equipment available for micro and nano imaging and manufacturing, integrated circuit (IC) microsurgery, electronic instrumentation and testing, and computing. Such capabilities will also support the ongoing hardware security research at FICS in the areas of electronics supply chain security, physical tampering, reverse engineering, trust and verification, forensics, failure analysis, and counterfeit detection.

Beyond research, the SCAN lab holds significant value for education and businesses around the state of Florida. New courses and curriculum based on the capabilities of the equipment are already under development, and will allow students in UF’s Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering to enter the workforce with unparalleled hands-on training. Through collaboration with UF’s Florida Engineering Experiment Station, or FLEXStation, businesses and startup companies will be able to contract use the lab and operating personnel without the prohibitive costs of ownership.

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