IC Testing and Characterization

Invoys Ocelot-ZPF Automatic Testing Equipment (ATE)

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Invoys Ocelot-ZPF Automatic Testing Equipment (ATE)

The INOVYS Ocelot-ZFP Automatic Testing Equipment (ATE) provides testing capability on integrated circuits (IC). With its 512 data channels, each of which can read and send data at a speed of up to 50 MHz frequency, it is an industrial grade equipment rated fit for manufacture test on state-of-art level of integration. It is capable of performing analog test, parametric measurements, digital communications with on-chip design-for-test (DFT) circuitry, and speed tests with functional and path-delay-fault (PDF) patterns. Within the purview of our research interests, it allows us to design and test digital and analog hardware attacks and cybersecurity countermeasures, as well as to conduct electrical experiment tests on potential counterfeit ICs.




In the past, we have designed and fabricated a dedicated load board and an ancillary socket to mount a commercial IC for test. Fabricated at 55 nm technology, the IC under test was one of the most cutting edge products among its peers. In addition to dedicated load boards and sockets, it is also possible to design one that serves general purposes and is fit for use with ICs in any package at reduced timing performance.