2018 Program

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

7:30-8:20 am Registration and Breakfast
8:20-8:40 am Introductory remarks about the conference, Dr. Mark Tehranipoor, UF
Opening Remarks, Dr. Kent Fuchs, President, UF
Session 1 Session Chair: Dr. Daniela Oliveira, UF
8:40-9:20 am 1st Keynote Address: Greg Akers, Senior Vice President of Advanced Security Initiatives – Cisco Security and Trust Organization, Title: Anticipating Surprise in an Era of Rapid Change
9:20-10:00 am 2nd Keynote Address: Dr. Douglas Maughan, Director, Cybersecurity Division, Department of Homeland Security, Title: TBD
10:00 am-10:40 am Break
Session 2 Session Chair: Dr. Prabhat Mishra, UF
10:40-11:20 am 3rd Keynote Address: Dr. Apostol Vassilev,Cybersecurity Expert, National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST), Title: Psst Can You Keep a Secret? Challenges and Opportunities in the Standardization of Threshold Schemes for Cryptographic Primitives 
11:20-11:40 am Marvin Wheeler, President, Cybraics, Title: What is Driving the Large Enterprise Security Spend?
11:40-12:00 pm Dr. Daniela Oliveira, IoT Endowed Professor, University of Florida, TitleWhy You Should Care About Older Adults’ Susceptibility to Phishing-Implications in Corporate Security and Democracy
12:10-1:30 pm Lunch
Session 3 Session Chair: Dr. Damon Woodard, UF
1:30-2:00 pm Visionary Speaker: Kristopher R., Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Title: A Perspective on the Future of Identity
Session 4 Session Chair: Dr. Reza Azarderaksh, Florida Atlantic University (FAU)
2:00-2:20 pm Julien Carreno, Principal Engineer at Intel Corporation, Title: On the Challenges of Designing Secure SoCs for Low Cost Connected IoT and Wearable Devices
2:20-2:40 pm Dr. Rafael Mantilla Montalvo, Principal Engineer at Cisco Systems, TitleSecuring the Internet of Things: An Industry Perspective
Session 5 Session Chair: Dr. Yier Jin, UF
2:40-4:00 pm Student Poster Session and Break
4:00-5:20 pm Panel: Platform Security: Challenges and Solutions
Moderator: Dr. Sandip Ray, UF
Dr. Ro Cammarota, Qualcomm
Barny S Sanchez, CTO, IBM Security
Dr. Yousef Iskandar, Cisco
Dr. Kevin Butler, UF
Dr. Ramanuja Vedantham, Texas Instruments
5:45-7:30 pm Happy Hour,
FICS Research SeCurity and AssuraNce (SCAN) Lab
601 Gale Lemerand Drive
Gainesville, Fl 32603
UF Building # 0719:

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

7:30-8:40 am Registration and Breakfast
CTF Challenge (8 am -2:30 pm) in Auditorium, Announcement: Dr. Patrick Traynor, UF
Introductory remarks about the second day of the conference, Dr. Mark Tehranipoor, UF
Session 6 Session Chair: Dr. Swarup Bhunia, UF
8:40-9:20 am 3rd Keynote Address: Dr. Ken Plaks, Program Manager, DARPA, Title: Is it Time to Get Real About Circuit Obfuscation?
9:20-9:50 am Visionary Speaker: Dr. Brian Dupaix, Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), TitleHardware Security: Sensors, Technology March, and the 5G World
9:50-10:20 am Visionary Speaker: Dr. Erfan Ibrahim, Center Director at National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), TitleDisruptive Ideas for IT/ OT Security in Energy Systems
10:20-11:00 am Break
Session 7 Session Chair: Dr. Mehran Mozzaffari Kermani, University of South Florida (USF)
11:00-11:20 am Stuart Audley, Vice President of Engineering, Athena Group, TitleSCAs Are Here to Stay: Can We Count on Countermeasures?
11:20-11:40 am Dr. JP Park, Chief Strategy Officer, EYL Inc., Title:Quantum Entropy Chip: Building Trusted Cryptography Platform with Quantum Random Numbers
11:40- 12:00 pm Nat Prakongpan, Senior Manager, Integration and Threat Intelligence Lab at IBM, Title: Redefine Your Cybersecurity Culture
Session 8 Session Chair: Dr. Domenic Forte, UF
Awards Presentation, Presented by FICS Research Sponsors
12:00- 1:20 pm Lunch
Session 9 Session Chair: Dr. Navid Asadi, UF
1:20-1:40 pm Dr. Ramanuja Vedantham, Branch Manager, SW R&D, CMCU at Texas Instruments and Senior Technologist, CMCU, Title: Wireless Connectivity Solutions and Challenges for Industrial IoT
1:40-2:00 pm Dr. Tuba Yavuz, Assistant Professor, University of Florida, Title: The Needle in the Haystack: Detecting Deep Vulnerabilities Using Static Analysis 
2:00-2:20 pm Natalya Robert, Certification Engineer, Thales e-Security, Title: The Importance of Security Certifications in the Cybersecurity World
Session 10 Session Chairs: Jason Vosatka and Andrew Stern, UF
2:20-3:30 pm Student Demo Competition, Demo and CTF Awards Ceremony
3:30-4:00 pm Concluding Remarks, Dr. Mark Tehranipoor, UF

Posters & Demos


    1. Block4Forensic: An Integrated Lightweight Blockchain Framework for Forensics Applications of Connected VehiclesMumin Cebe, Enes Erdin, Kemal Akkaya, Hidayet Aksu and Selcuk Uluagac
    2. Building a Private Bitcoin-based Payment Network among Electric Vehicles and Charging StationsEnes Erdin, Mumin Cebe, Kemal Akkaya, Senay Solak, Eyuphan Bulut, Selcuk Uluagac
    3. A Data Movement Policy Framework for Improving Trust in the CloudUsing Smart Contracts and BlockchainsStephen S Kirkman, Richard Newman
    4. A Cloud Data Movement Policy Architecture Based onSmart Contracts and the Ethereum BlockchainStephen Kirkman and Richard Newman
    5. Characterizing Security and Privacy Practices in Emerging Digital Credit ApplicationsJasmine Bowers, Imani N. Sherman, Patrick Traynor, Kevin Butler
    6. Hunting DES/3DES in the wildImani Sherman,Rishabh Gogia and Vanessa Frost
    7. Multi-malfunction Neural Trojan Attack in Machine Learning Supply ChainTao Liu, Zihao Liu, Qi Liu, Yier Jin, Wujie Wen
    8. Adversarial Voice Commands (AdVoice) in the Physical WorldXiaoyong Yuan, Xiyao Ma, Ruimin Sun, Xiaolin Li
    9. Recursive Estimator for Safe Sensor Measurements of Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems under AttacksRaj Gautam Dutta, Teng Zhang, Yier Jin
    10. Wearable-assisted Continuous AuthenticationAbbas Acar
    11. A Physical Design Flow against Front-side Probing Attacks by Internal ShieldingHuanyu Wang, Qihang Shi, Adib Nahiyan, Navid Asadi, Domenic Forte and Mark M. Tehranipoor
    12. IEEE P1735 : Standardizing Bad Cryptographic PracticesAnimesh Chhotaray, Adib Nahiyan, Thomas Shrimpton, Domenic Forte, Mark Tehranipoor
    13. An Automated Configurable Trojan Insertion Framework for Dynamic Trust BenchmarksJonathan Cruz, Yuanwen Huang, Prabhat Mishra, Swarup Bhunia
    14. Development and Evaluation of Hardware Obfuscation BenchmarksSarah Amir, Bicky Shakya, Xiaolin Xu, Yier Jin, Swarup Bhunia, Mark Tehranipoor and Domenic Forte
    15. Impact of X-ray Tomography on the Reliability of ICsMahbub Alam, Navid Asadi, Mark Tehranipoor, and Domenic Forte
    16. Automated Non-destructive PCB Reverse Engineering Using X-ray TomographyUlbert J. Botero, Navid Asadizanjani, Domenic Forte, Mark Tehranipoor
    17. Attacks and Countermeasures for Logic ObfuscationXiaolin Xu, Bicky Shakya, Mark Tehranipoor, Domenic Forte
    18. Error-Tolerant Bitstream Obfuscation for FPGA-based SystemsAbdulrahman Alaql
    19. An approach to track and trace ECIDs in supply chainSumaiya Shomaji, Dr. Domenic Forte
    20. A Post-Silicon Trace Analysis Approach for System-on-Chip Protocol DebugYuting Cao
    21. High-Level Synthesis of Key Based Obfuscated RTL DatapathsSheikh Ariful Islam and Srinivas Katkoori
    22. A survey of security primitives using memristorsVishalini Laguduva Ramnath, Shakil Mahmud, Robert Karam, Srinivas Katkoori
    23. Aging Resilient RO PUF with Increased Reliability in FPGASreeja Chowdhury, Xiaolin Xu, Mark Tehranipoor and Domenic Forte
    24. Highly-Secure Hardware Description Languages for RTL Trustworthiness AssessmentXiaolong Guo, Jiaji He, Yier Jin
    25. Framework for Automated and Systematic Security Assessment of Modern SoCsAdib Nahiyan, Jungmin Park, Tony Miao, Domenic Forte and Mark Tehranipoor
    26. Secure Integrated Circuit Design Hiding under Oracle-Guided AttacksKaveh Shamsi, Meng Li, Travis Meade, David Z. Pan, Yier Jin
    27. Non-Destructive Bond Pull and Ball Shear Failure Analysis Based on Real Structural PropertiesM T Rahman, N Vashistha, N Asadizanjani, D Forte, and M Tehranipoor
    28. “Patchable Hardware” for Future-proof Security ArchitectureAtul Prasad Deb Nath, Sandeep Ray, Abhishek Basak, Swarup Bhunia
    29. Golden Chip Free Electromagnetic Simulation and Statistical Analysis for Hardware SecurityJiaji He, Xiaolong Guo, Mark Tehranipoor, and Yier Jin
    30. Steps Toward Automated Deprocessing of Integrated CircuitE. L. Principe, M T Rahman, N Asadizanjani, D Forte, M Tehranipoor, R Chivas, M. DiBattista, S. Silverman, M. Marsh, N. Piche J. Mtovich
    31. Spoofing Attacks Against Mobile BiometricsTempestt Neal and Damon Woodard
    32. 2MA: Verifying Voice Commands via Two Microphone AuthenticationLogan Blue, Hadi Abdullah, Luis Vargas, Patrick Traynor
    33. Characterizing the Security of the SMS Ecosystem with Public GatewaysBradley Reaves, Luis Vargas, Nolen Scaife, Dave Tian, Logan Blue, Patrick Traynor, and Kevin R.B. Butler
    34. Large Scale Continuous Authentication via Wearable SensorsDaniel Capecci, Ulbert J. Botero, Domenic Forte, Damon Woodard, Daniela Oliveira
    35. Extracting Stateless Protocol Models Using Symbolic ExecutionFarhaan Fowze, Grant Hernandez, Dave Tian, Kevin Butler, Tuba Yavuz
    36. Towards Precise and Automated Verification of Security Protocols in CoqHernan Palombo, Hao Zheng, Jay Ligatti
    37. API Blindspots: Why Experienced Developers Write Vulnerable CodeMuhammad Sajidur Rahman, Tian Lin, Rad Akerad, Donovan Ellis, Eliany Perez, Lois Anne DeLong, Justin Cappos, Yuriy Brun, Natalie Ebner, Daniela Oliveira
    38. One-Time Programs made PracticalJoseph Choi, Lianying Zhao, Didem Demirag, Kevin Butler, Jeremy Clark, Mohammad Mannan, Erman Ayday
    39. Learning Fast and Slow: Propedeutica for Real-time Malware DetectionRuimin Sun, Xiaoyong Yuan, Pan He, Qile Zhu, Aokun Chen, Andre Gregio, Daniela Oliveira
    40. Age & Gender Susceptibility to Spear-Phishing Leveraging Influence & Life DomainsDaniel Capecci, Tian Lin, Harold A. Rocha, Huizi Yang, Donovan Ellis, Sandeep Dommaraju, Melis Muradoglu1, Devon H. Weir, Adam Soliman, Paul Talty, Natalie C. Ebner, Daniela Oliveira
    41. FIRMA, the Cross-layer Personalization for the Next Generation of Behavioral-based Anomaly Detection
      Aokun Chen, Heng Qiao, Jiade Li, Hari Sundararaman, Xuetao Wei, Dapeng Wu, Brandon Matthews, Natalie Ebner, Daniela Oliveira
    42. Cross-layer Personalization for the Next Generation of Behavioral-based Anomaly Detection
      Aokun Chen, Jiade Li, Pratik Brahma, Brandon Matthews, Dapeng Wu, Jed Crandall, Michalis Faloutsos, Xuetao Wei, Daniela Oliveira
    43. Effective Adversarial Learning Attacks Against Model-based Host Identification
      Washington Garcia, Kevin Butler
    44. BugRanker – Using the Clang Static Analyzer to Prioritize Potential Bugs
      Cody Lent, Tuba Yavuz
    45. A Survey of Hardware Security Primitives Using Memristors
      Vishalini Laguduva Pamnath, Shakil Mahmud, Brooks Olney, Srinivas Katkoori, Robert Karam
    46. Hardware Level Support Mechanisms for Mitigating Buffer Overflow Attacks – A SurveyLove Kumar Sah, Srinivas Katkoori
    47. A Post-Silicon Trace Analysis Approach for System-on-Chip Protocol Debug
      Yuting Cao, Hao Zheng


  1. Authentication and Traceability of Food Products using NQR SpectroscopyNaren Masna, Fengchao Zhang, Cheng Chen, Soumyajit Mandal, and Swarup Bhunia
  2. SaINT: Sensitive Information Tracking for IoT AppsLeonardo Babun, Z. Berkay Celik, Amit K. Sikder, Hidayet Aksu, Gang Tan, Patrick McDaniel, and A. Selcuk Uluagac
  3. EM-based Fingerprinting Framework for Counterfeit Detection with Demonstration on Remarked ICsAndrew Stern, Joey Botero, Bicky Shakya, Haoting Shen, Domenic Forte, and Mark Tehranipoor
  4. Golden Chip-Free Detection of Automatically Inserted Hardware TrojansShuo Yang, Jonathan Cruz, Tamzidul Hoque, Swarup Bhunia
  5. Hardware Hacking Security Education Platform (HaHa SEP v2): Enabling Hands-On Applied Research of Hardware Security Theory & PrinciplesShuo Yang, Jason Vosatka, Swarup Bhunia
  6. MPA: Model-assisted PCB Attestation via Board-level RO and Temperature CompensationZimu Guo, Xiaolin Xu, Mark M. Tehranipoor and Domenic Forte
  7. A Framework for Automatic Timing Attack Vulnerability Evaluation (ATAVE)Jungmin Park, Massimiliano Corba, Antonio E. de la Serna, Richard L. Vigeant, Mark Tehranipoor, Swarup Bhunia
  8. ATtention Spanned: Comprehensive Vulnerability Analysis of AT Commands Within the Android EcosystemGrant Hernandez, Dave Tian, Joseph Choi, Vanessa Frost, Christie Raules, Kevin Butler, Patrick Traynor
  9. Leveraging Side-channel Information for Disassembly and SecurityJungmin Park, Fahim Rahman, Domenic Forte, Mark Tehranipoor
  10. Obfuscated Built-In Self-Authentication with Secure and Efficient Wire-LiftingQihang Shi, Mark M. Tehranipoor and Domenic Forte
  11. Rapid Trojan Detection using Physical Inspection and Advanced Image Processing TechniquesN Vashistha, T Rahman, N Asadizanjani, M Tehranipoor
  12. Tool to Assess Vulnerability of ICs to Microprobing AttacksHuanyu Wang, Qihang Shi, Domenic Forte, and Mark M. Tehranipoor
  13. Runtime Detection of Analog Trojans: A 130nm Silicon PrototypeHu He, Yumin Hou (Tsinghua University), Kaveh Shamsi, Yier Jin (University of Florida)
  14. A Framework for Hardware-assisted Malware Detection and Integrity CheckingFahim Rahman, Nitin Pundir, Mohammad Farmani, Yier Jin, and Mark Tehrnaipoor