Certificate in Hardware Security

Certificate Description

This certificate will prepare students for specialization in rapidly growing area of hardware and system security and trust. Fifteen to eighteen credits compose this certificate: three graduate courses in hardware security are required, along with two or more elective graduate security courses. Required courses provide an introduction to the field of hardware security and trust and give a solid foundation in cross-layered system security and system-on-chip (SoC) design. Advanced courses and electives build on this foundation and focus on specific areas, such as SoC testing and verification and biomedical device system security.

*This certificate program is still in the processes of being approved by UF’s  HW College of Engineering. However, most of the courses are currently being offered and credit can be retroactively applied towards this certificate once formal approval is received.

Requirements for Admission

(For degree-seeking students only)

Admission requires a bachelors degree in electrical & computer engineering, computer science or computer engineering or approval by ECE department. The program is open to current UF graduate students as well as non-degree-seeking students.

Requirements for Completion

Required courses – (6 credits):
1. EEL 5934-0634 Introduction to Hardware Security and Trust (3) – letter grade 
2. EEL 5934-047E Cross-Layered System Security (3) – letter grade
3. EEL 5934-1265 Hardware Security Lab (3) – letter grade 

Two to three additional courses must be selected from the following:
1. CIS 5370 Computer and Information Security  (3) – letter grade
2. EEL 6935-1500  Advanced Hardware Security and Trust (3) – letter grade
3. EEL TBD Biomedical Device and System Security (3) – letter grade
4. EEL TBD System-on-Chip (SoC) Design (3) – letter grade
5. EEL TBD SOC Test and Verification (3) – letter grade

Students must complete a minimum of five courses with a grade of B or better to earn this certificate.

To review course descriptions and syllabi for these courses, please visit our Cybersecurity Courses page.

Please contact Tamira Carter, tcarter18@ufl.edu, for more information or with questions about this certificate program.