2019 Speakers

Dr. David Norton
Vice President for Research | Office of Research, University of Florida
Praveen Chawla
President and CTO | Edaptive Computing
Katie T Liszewski
Cyber Scientist | Batelle
Keith Rebello
Program Manager, Microsystems Technology Office | Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
David Ott
Academic Program, VMWare
Marvin Wheeler
CEO | Cybraics
Elie Bursztein
Security and Anti-Abuse Research | Google
Joe Calandrino
Research Director | Office of Technology Research and Investigation, Federal Trade Commission
Paul C. DeMennato Jr.
Cybersecurity Insider Threat Division Chief | Defense Information Systems Agency
Robert Rounsavall
CTO | Trapezoid
Zongyao Wen
Director R&D | Synopsys
Jon Mellot
CTO | Athena Group
Byron Williams
Associate Professor | University of Florida
Kathryn Roberts
Director of Systems Engineering | Thales
David Rodriguez
Analog Devices
Vince Bindschaedler
Assistant Professor | University of Florida
Robert Bussian
Director | Cyber and Strategic Enabling, Department of the Air Force
Adam Duncan
Navy Crane
Shahin Tajik
Post-Doctoral Fellow | University of Florida

Jessica Inman
Altamira Technologies Corp.
Carlos Rozas
Principal Engineer | Intel Labs
Chester Kennedy