Burn-in Test and Reliability Analyses


Temptronic ATS 605-S thermostream system


The thermostream system in use in our lab

The Temptronic ATS 605-S thermostream system in the FICS Research SCAN Lab is used to test the reliability of electronic chips. It is used to check the robustness of our proposed hardware modules (designs) against temperature variations and the natural wear and tear or aging that can be caused by exposure to high temperature and/or high voltage. It enables aging electronic chips, through a process of delivering hot and cold air to expedite the aging process, in order to ascertain whether or not they will fail under different circumstances. The systems deliver air blasts ranging in temperatures from -20 to +225°C.

The Summit 12000B Semi-Automated Probe- Station

The Summit 12000B Semi-Automated Probe- Station

The Summit 12000B semi-automated probe-station is a flexible test instrument for electronic devices including 200 mm and 150 mm wafers. Applications from RF/Microwave, device characterization, reliability, modeling and much more. Our model is equipped with an ATT thermal system which is capable of from -60 to 300 degrees Celsius as well as an EzLaze 3 Nd:YAD Infrared Laser Cutting System. The measurement environment is encased within an electromagnetic shielding and light inhibiting enclosure. Security applications for this equipment include integrated circuit aging analysis, device level and wafer characterization, PCB inspection and modification, and related high precision spatial measurements.